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With the winter months in full flow, shorter days, colder nights and waterlogged pitches it's the time of year when most other sports grind to a halt over weekends; well that's where squash can come to the rescue.

Aberystwyth Squash Club are lucky enough to have fantastic sponsors in Vanzone and Orange Squash who are our official Junior Squash and Coaching sponsors; also our great volunteer coaches who give up their time every week. Because of this we are thrilled to offer another squash session to our busy week of activities and we are proud to announce these Sunday sessions will be FREE and open to all ages and all abilities.

As well as Mini Squash and Junior Squash sessions we are offering FREE adult coaching at midday every Sunday for anyone and everyone to have a go at the sport we love so much.

We want to say a massive thank you to our sponsors Vanzone, Orange Squash and our volunteer coaches for their support, these FREE sessions would not be possible with their support.

Now who is in the mood to pick up a racket and get on court!!


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