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Aberystwyth Squash Club very own Rhys Evans won his first major PSA title in February at the PSA Challenger 3k East Glos Open 2024.

Words from Mark Toseland at East Glos Squash and Tennis Club - The PSA Men’s final saw Rhys Evans of Wales take on Jared Carter of England, who had an incredible result taking out James Peach and world-ranked 98 in the semi-final. However, a sublime and speedy Rhys outclassed Jared in the final, showing how well he could use his speed to force errors from Jared and watch them accumulate over time to provide a valuable 3-0 win in 45minutes.

Congratulations to Rhys Evans and Hana Ismail on their first PSA Challenger Tour wins. I’m incredibly happy for both of them and that they achieved this feat at East Glos. A memory for both of them, which I’m sure will stick with them for a long time.

Also at the event in the A grade final was the returning A grade winner from 2023, Damian Burgess vs Will Vanston of Hereford. This match almost became an exhibition match and prequel to the PSA finals, with Damian ever being the crowd entertainer providing a close display of squash. However, he narrowly lost to Will 2-1, which saw Will take the A grade title and Damian as the runner-up, but indeed becoming a home favourite with the crowd.

Thank you to everyone who participated and played their role in a successful event, which made the club feel fantastic for everyone there.


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